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  4. Welding (welding assistance) Hourly wage 1200-1300 yen Qualified experienced people are welcome! Inexperienced is OK!




Welding (welding assistance) Hourly wage 1200-1300 yen Qualified experienced people are welcome! Inexperienced is OK!

Content of work

Our main job is to weld large parts at a manufacturing company located in the industrial complex of Umemi, Kodama-cho, Honjo.
You will be in charge of welding large materials that have been cut based on the design drawings.
Please be assured that the employees will teach you, not the work alone.
Also, even if you have no experience in the job category, we would appreciate it if you could help us at first.
Of course, those who have welding qualifications and those who have work experience will be given preferential treatment.
A workplace where men in their 20s and 40s are active.
You can take a thorough workplace tour in advance.
If you are interested, please feel free to apply using the LINE form below.

For those who wish to live outside of Chichibu-gun , we are registering for business trips to
Kodama, Honjo, Kumagaya, and Fukaya !

Business content Welding (or welding assistance)
Employment status Temporary employee
Work location There is a workplace tour in the industrial complex of Umemi, Kodama-cho, Honjo City
Salary Hourly wage 1200 yen ~ 1300 yen
Target person Any age, no experience, active men in
their 20s to 40s Active men
Working hours 8: 30-17: 30
period From January to June 2022 (possibility of renewal undecided)
Holidays / holidays Saturday, Sunday (sometimes on Saturday) According to the dispatched company calendar
treatment ◆ Equipped with various insurance
◆ Work clothes rental
◆ Weekly payment possible (within our regulations)
Job No. 21075

Application information

Application method First of all, please contact us using either “Application Form”, “Telephone”, or “LINE”.
We will get back to you with an interview, so please be patient.
Please let us know your questions and requests.
Please call from the toll-free number.
Reception Weekdays 8: 30-18 : 00
Application process [1] Apply
online or by phone [2] Visit the company, register interview
[3] Introduce a job that suits you
[4] Advance workplace tour
[5] Work decision, start!
Registration location Step Up Co., Ltd.

◆ Easy application on LINE ◆
↓ ↓ Just add a friend and enter this number
Job number: 21075

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