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Easy assembly and light work day shift [Ogano Town]

Work content

Day shift work at a factory in Ogano-cho, Chichibu-gun.
Assembly of switches used in machine tools (line work). It is a simple task to assemble plastic parts and plastic parts by hand. Even inexperienced people can do the work. It’s a standing job.
It is a very clean workplace where both men and women are active.
Recruitment of friends is also welcome! !! You can
decide whether or not to work after visiting the workplace in advance ♪
Please feel free to contact us using the form.

Many foreign nationals such as Filipinos and Brazilians are working.

business Easy assembly work / light work
Employment status Temporary employee
Work location Ogano Town, Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture
 Salary Hourly wage 1050 yen
 Target person Age does not matter. No experience required. Foreigners are welcome.
 Working hours 8: 10-16: 55
 Employment period Contract every 2 months ・ Long-term possibility
 holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (according to the dispatch calendar)
 treatment ◆ Uniform / hat rental (please bring safety shoes)
◆ Various insurances
◆ Weekly payment available (within our regulations)
 Work No. 21031

Application information

Application method First of all, please make a reservation for coming to the office from “Web application form” “Telephone”.
We will get back to you with registration information, so please be patient. Please let us know your questions and requests.
Reception Weekdays 8: 30-18 : 00
Application process [1] Apply
online or by phone [2] Visit the company, register interview
[3] Introduce a job that suits you
[4] Advance workplace tour
[5] Work decision, start!
Registration location Step Up Co., Ltd.
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